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Chuck Flynn, Director of Utilities

Chuck Flynn, Director of Utilities

As your Utilities Director, I am proud to say we have the finest utilities staff in the state of Florida. In addition to providing state-of-the-art membrane water treatment and following stringent wastewater treatment regulations, we are always looking for ways to make your utility dollars go further. Our secret in this regard is a team approach to project management and individual dedication to excellence.

Maintenance, repair and installation of water and sewer lines is sometimes a messy job; all of our lines are buried at least 3 feet deep and so mud and dust are a part of the work. Please be assured that we will complete every project, big or small, as soon as possible and restore the area so that you can continue to enjoy life in your "hometown"- Plantation.

The City of Plantation is a great place to work for our employees and they provide their thank you by making your satisfaction "Job One."

If you should ever experience any difficulties with your water or wastewater utilities service, please call us first. We’re here to serve the community 24 hours a day.

AFT (Automatic Funds Transfer)

To have your Utility payments auto-debited from your account, click the link above to setup your account.

New Water and Sanitary Sewer Rates Have Been Implemented to Encourage Water Conservation - "Phase 2 Water Conservation Rates" are now in Effect

The utility bill is made up of two components: a base charge and a consumption charge. If you receive City water and sewer services, you will have a base and a consumption charge for both services. If you have only one service, you will have only the appropriate base and consumption charge.

The base charge is a monthly minimum charge based upon the size of metered service you have. Additionally, you are billed a consumption charge for the amount of water you use. Take a look at the usage number on your bill. Multiply that number by 1,000 to give you the amount of water (in thousands of gallons) you used.

Review the rate charts PDF format to see where you fall according to the amount of water you used. Notice that the more water that is used, the more expensive the water becomes.

Can you save just a little water each day? If so, it may drop you into the lower tiered rate, and save you money!

"Phase 2 Conservation Rate Adjustment" (ordinance 2430 - approved June 2009) is now in effect.PDF Format

Three Easy Ways for you to Conserve Water and Save Money

1) Install WaterSense labeled high efficiency toilets, showerheads and faucet aerators.

2) Adhere to year-round conservation measures for lawn irrigation.

3) Install a rain sensor on your irrigation system, or at least turn it off, to save water when it rains.

Web Sites to Visit

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